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Frequently asked questions

do you have to be vegan to attend?

Absolutely not. Although this event is for vegans, we welcome all to attend - from those who are plant based, those that are curious and those that are new to the livestyle. Mortals and immortals are most welcome to join in our company!

i'm a goth/alt band or artist and want to perform. who do I contact?

Send a message to us at vothfestival@gmail.com. We are specific in our selections. We welcome goth, alternative, industrial, cold wave, dark wave, new wave, dark ambient and old-school sounds. When contacting us, please make sure to include a link to your social media/website/etc for us to review for consideration. We welcome artist of ALL genders and races.

i want to be a vendor. what qualifies as "goth food"?

A valid question, indeed. Although you may not normally prepare or carry black or dark foods on a norm, this is where creativity come into play. For inspiration, please visit www.instagram.com/gothintheraw to see the creations of Goth In The Raw. All vendors must already be or be able to adapt their goods to the dark aesthetic of this event. Be creative, daring and embrace the darkness. If you are a 501(c)(3), you are very welcome to be a vendor. We are specifically looking for non-profits that are about animal rights and awareness and fight against the cruelty of animals. If you have any further questions, do not hestitate to contact us at vothfestival@gmail.com

are children allowed to attend?

Absolutely! All baby bats ages 10 and under are free. Those 11-17 years of age are only $7.50.

will the VOTH festival be coming to other locations?

But of course, darkling. Check out our upcoming schedule to see where we are heading next. x

do you have to be goth to attend?

We gladly welcome those that are not within the subculture to join us! All that we ask is for you to show respect to all who are within the subculture that will be attending - and vice versa. Hate, hate speech and discrimination are NOT allowed at VOTH.

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youth admission

(ages 11-17)

baby bats

not to worry! all littles ages 10 and under are free!


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(ages 18+)